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I'm sending the most recent edition of Next once again. As I mentioned last time, we recently changed the email address

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3-Year Degree | Gap Year That Wasn’t | Future Campus Library
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As California Goes, So Goes the Nation?
🦃It’s Thanksgiving week in the United States, so this will be a shorter than normal edition of NEXT. Enjoy the

The Money and Prestige Issue
Earlier this month, I was in New Haven, CT to talk about college admissions with a class of undergrads at Yale. The course

Making Sense of It All
In the summer of 1995, I was on a Pulliam Fellowship at The Arizona Republic covering personal technology for the business

Knowing the Why of Admissions
One question I get often since Who Gets In and Why was released last year is why the three colleges where I was embedded

What the Fall of 2020 Means for the Autumns Ahead
Earlier this month, with temperatures still well in the 80s in Washington, D.C., I had to decide whether I should purchase

Student Success and Pembroke University
Last week, I binged on the new Netflix series “The Chair,” staring Sandra Oh. Universities rarely are the setting for

An August of Books About College—Debt, Athletics, and Getting In
Forget about “if it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Press.” For the next month, it should be “if it’s Tuesday, it must

The Hybrid University
Three Major Shifts for the Post-COVID university Sponsors: Deloitte and Strada Education

The Return of ‘Animal House’ this Fall?
BREAKING NEWS: 2U, the ed-tech company that partners with universities to put their programs

Free Mozzarella Sticks or a College Degree?
The headline in yesterday’s print edition of the New York Times caught the eye of a college president who emailed me

Learning, Streaming, and the Creator Economy
My latest television obsession is HBO’s Mare of Easttown, and rather than wait this one out and stream seven episodes at

Farewell to a Remote Year
Jeff and Michael recap what they’ve learned from this past year, answer audience questions, and look ahead to next

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